Welcome to the Purdy Lab

We study the quantum limits of optomechanical sensors and transducers.

We are looking for new PhD students, Postdocs, and undergraduate students to join the team (more info) !

We are grateful for funding from University of Pittsburgh, Charles E. Kaufman Foundation , NIST and JQI.


November 18th, 2020

Congratulations, Chris, on being a PQI2020 Poster Fair winner! Check out PQI's website to see his poster and a recording of his presentation.

September 18th, 2020

Head on over to Physical Review Letters to read their new cover article by our very own Robi Singh!

April 28th, 2020

We have some new members in our group. Welcome, Angad, Mihir and Yang!

April 17th, 2020

Jingchen gave a talk in the PQI 2020 poster session about our optical lever experiment! Check out his poster and video.

March 2nd, 2020

Our PurdyLab website launches!

Nov 21th 2019

We just have the paper about acoustic black body radiation posted on arXiv today! arXiv:1911.09607!

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